Clearing Mental Clutter

"Clearing mental clutter is like having a fresh wind blow through your life."

Mental Clutter

Worries, doing a post-mortem on a conversation or situation, regrets, guilt, anger, too much to do, information overload, negative self-talk and procrastination all serve to clog up the mind.

This can cause stress and anxiety, tiredness, lack of focus, difficulty in making decisions and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Clearing mental clutter

Having a mental clear out will help you to focus and give you a sense of order, space and wellbeing enabling you to think clearly and achieve your goals.

How it works.

Similar to clearing physical clutter you look at what is there and decide what to do with it.

Keep the thoughts and feelings that bring you peace and wellbeing.

Identify those that are causing unease, worry, distress, fear or anxiety and deal with them by asking yourself the following questions.