After an abnormal year businesses and workplaces are starting to open up. You may be delighted to get back to work, to rush out for a meal or to get your hair done; or you may feel cautious, hesitant or overwhelmed.

It is normal to feel less confident, less sociable and possibly more anxious than usual, but you can take steps to increase your confidence so that you can fully enjoy your long awaited freedom.

Step by step.

Don't try to do it all at once. Set yourself one or two changes a week and get used to those. If back at work, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Walk tall, shoulders back, smile behind your mask.

It will make you feel more confident. Others will see the smile in your eyes and reciprocate.


It is harder to make the effort behind a mask, but it connects you to others, bridges the loneliness gap, fosters empathy and becomes easier the more you do it.

Fresh air and exercise.

Don't squeeze this out when your life gets busier. It always improves your physical and mental health. The great thing is that you can now go walking, cycling, Tai Chi-ing or whatever, in groups rather than pairs.